Learning Game: Disappearing Numbers

Entrust your kids with the immense power of the squirt bottle to practice math or reading with the Disappearing Numbers Learning Game.

What you’ll need:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Squirt bottle
  • Change of clothes (probably)

How to Play Disappearing Numbers

Math Version:

Witness her power!

Come up with a set of math problems for your child to solve, based on their skill level. Addition, subtraction, etc. This can even be as simple as number recognition for your preschoolers.

Write down the solutions to your problems in chalk on your patio or driveway, leaving a good amount of space between each one (you don’t want all your numbers disappearing at once).

Arm you child with the squirt bottle and give them the math problems one by one. If your child struggles to do mental math, this is good practice. If they really need it, go ahead and write down the problem on paper or in chalk so they can visualize it.

When your child solves the problem, they find the solution on the ground and blast it into oblivion with the squirt bottle!

Finally, get your kiddo cleaned up and into a change of clothes, because they are probably soaked and/or covered in chalk dust!

Reading Version:

There’s a multitude of ways you can incorporate this game into your reading lessons and practice.

  • Spelling: Write the same word multiple times with misspellings in all but one and let your child wipe out the wrong answers.
  • Vocabulary: Write down all the vocabulary words your child is working on and have them spray the correct word as you give the definitions.
  • Sight Words: Write down the sight words your child is practicing and have them spray them as you list each one.
  • Homophones: Write down sets of homophones and have your child spray each set that go together.
  • Rhyming words: Write down sets of words that rhyme and have your child spray each set.

Don’t forget, disappearing words is just as messy as disappearing numbers.

Wrapping Up

Disappearing numbers is a great way to get your kids outside to enjoy the warm weather while keeping up with your homeschool lessons. I don’t know about your kids, but there isn’t much else in this world that brings so much joy to my daughter as wielding a spray bottle.

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