Learning Game: Dump Truck Game

Sometimes getting kids to practice their math can be like pulling teeth. But in my experience, pairing a lesson with a coloring sheet almost always helps settle them down. Here’s a fun Dump Truck Game with a couple variations for Kindergarten, First, and Second grades.

What you’ll need:

  • Dump truck coloring sheet
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Interlocking cubes or other small items
  • Deck of cards
  • Number flash cards (optional)
  • Dice (optional)

Coincidentally, many of these items are included as part of The Home Learning Kit. Crazy right? Maybe you should pick one up so you have all kinds of handy learning tools and manipulatives available when you need them!

Now on to the game!

First, your child will need to color. I linked a nice, free coloring sheet above that you can use. Next, we’re going to start with a few variations based on your child’s level.


The most basic version of this game works well for children just learning to count. Use the Ace through 5 or Ace through 10 cards from a deck of playing cards and flip them over one by one.

Your child’s objective is to “load” the number of cubes or other counters that are displayed on each card into the back of the truck. Your child can use the card’s symbols to help count up to the number if they don’t recognize their numerals yet.

Here are a couple progressively harder options you can add for this grade level:

  • Option 1: Have your child roll a die or dice and load the rolled number. (School teacher pro tip: explicitly tell your child they can’t eat the dice. The things I’ve seen…).
  • Option 2: Slightly more challenging. Use number flashcards without countable symbols on it if your child can already recognize their numbers.
Dump Truck Flash Card

First and Second Grades

The options here can vary quite a bit based on your child’s skill level, but generally they apply to first and second graders.

Set a goal number to reach through addition. I’d start with 10. Then deal 2 playing cards, have your child add them, and load the truck with the result. Keep flipping one more card until the sum meets your goal number. If your child is higher level, set the goal higher and use the Ace through 10 cards for bigger results.

Again, here are some different options for playing this game:

  • Option 1: Roll dice and add each roll together until you reach the goal.
  • Option 2: Use number flashcards instead of playing cards.
  • Option 3: Start with a high number and subtract each card or dice roll until you reach 0.
  • Option 4: Use cards or dice with + or – signs to switch the game between addition and subtraction (moving blocks in and out) with each card.
  • Option 5: Odds and evens practice. Have your child roll a regular die for each card flipped. If the number is odd, subtract. If the number is even, add.

Wrapping Up

The Dump Truck Game is a fun way to engage your child in math practice, especially if they don’t usually enjoy math. To make it even more fun, add some competition. You or another child can join the game and first one to the goal number wins.

As I mentioned above, having a set of learning tools and manipulatives really helps boost children’s interest in learning. I curated a set of these tools into one simple kit that will give you so many options for both regular lessons and games like this one. Check it out, and get your child engaged in your homeschool!

Let me know if the Dump Truck Game helped your child with their math practice. I love hearing success stories!

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