Dollar Tree Homeschool Classroom Supplies

Last week we went over some good deals on individual student supplies being sold at Dollar Tree. This week, we’re going to discuss good Dollar Tree Homeschool Classroom Supplies that you can use to enable your child’s success. You might think that there won’t be much to get for $1.25, but there are some solid resources available. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here.

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Best Dollar Tree Supplies for Your Classroom

Posterboard: Bright Red Posterboard, 28×22 in.

Hard to tell if this is a picture or just a red square, huh?

Pros: Having ample posterboard is a must in any classroom, whether for displays, projects, or something for your child to destroy. These boards are perfect for homeschool use and come in a convenient size. Plus, Dollar Tree has several different colors to choose from.

Cons: These are a little bit thinner than what you might be used to, so durability may be a concern for some projects.

Lettering: Teaching Tree Die-Cut Letters and Numbers

Pros: A great pairing with your posterboard to make displays or put together mini presentations. The letters and numbers measure four inches and come in a nice variety of colors.

Cons: The letters can sometimes be difficult to remove from the sheets without tearing, so be careful with them.

Whiteboard: Jot Dry Erase Boards with Eraser-Topped Markers, 8.5×11 in.

Pros: At 8.5 x 11 inches, this whiteboard is a nice size for one on one use at the table. It’s very hard to beat the value at $1.25 a piece!

Cons: The construction is a bit fragile and the marker that comes with it doesn’t work particularly well. I’d recommend getting some better markers. Speaking of which…

Dry Erase Markers: Expo Dry Erase Chisel Markers in Fashion Colors

Pros: Expo markers are the household name when it comes to dry erase markers. They last a good amount of time, have little odor, and come in a great variety of colors.

Cons: These can sometimes leave a little residue after cleaning. You also don’t get a black marker with this set.

Storage: Teaching Tree Plastic Activity Trays, 10×8 in.

Pros: These trays are awesome for storing small supplies and crafts. You can also use them for snack trays or sensory bins.

Cons: These may be a little fragile if you have a rambunctious child. I would prefer they were a little deeper than one inch, as well.

Storage: Essentials Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles

Pros: These storage containers are a good size for larger supplies like workbooks, notebooks, or books. (That’s a lot of books). They aren’t so big that it becomes difficult for your children to pick them up and carry them around if you manage to talk them into cleaning up.

Cons: These are fabric, so they may get worn down over time if you move them around a lot. Some people have complained that these have an odor, but that wasn’t my experience.

Wrapping Up

Putting together your homeschool classroom materials doesn’t have to be hard, and Dollar Tree is a good resource to get most things you need in one place. You may have noticed that many of these products have a minimum quantity. If you expect it to be more than you need, consider pooling the items with other homeschoolers you know. As I’m sure you know, having a strong community as a homeschooler makes everything easier.

If you’re looking for additional supplies to set up your homeschool, check out The Home Learning Kit. It’s a curated package of math and reading teaching aids to supplement your homeschool curriculum and bring more fun and interactivity into your lessons. Eliminate the headache and hassle of hunting down individual learning tools and get it all in one convenient package. Plus, it’s a perfect pairing with the Learning Games I post here regularly.

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