Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies

When it comes to buying school supplies, parents love shopping at Dollar Tree. The dirt cheap prices mean you won’t feel terrible when something gets lost or broken, and you get to avoid the insanity occurring at places like Walmart and Target during back to school. Of course, homeschool parents love Dollar Tree for the same reason. Let’s round up some of the best Dollar Tree homeschool supplies you can grab this year for your child. I’ll have a second post later this week for supplies you can pick up for your classroom.

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Best Dollar Tree Supplies for your Child

Pens: Inc. Clipclick Black Ballpoint Pens

Pros: These pens are a fantastic deal, costing only 16 cents each! The grips are very comfortable and you don’t have to deal with your kiddo losing the pen caps because they’re retractable. They

Cons: The clips break off easily, which is very likely knowing most people’s kids. Also, your child might drive you insane by clicking the button on the top repeatedly.

Pencils: Jot Decorative Wooden #2 Pencils

Pros: Flashy designs that your kids will love. Classic pencils that don’t require annoying lead refills.

Cons: The eraser can be a bit hard, causing smearing.

Colored Pencils: Crayola Short Colored Pencils

Pros: Crayola is the gold standard for colored pencils (pun intended). Save yourself the headache of dealing with off-brand pencils and roll with these.

Cons: These aren’t full length pencils. While it usually takes a long time for a kiddo to get through a full colored pencil, maybe your child has a passion for art and burns through them quickly.

Crayons: Crayola Crayons, 24 Ct

Pros: Crayola is the gold standard for crayons too (pun still intended). Plus, you get 24 colors, which is a nice deal.

Cons: You might consider the selection of colors to be undesirable.

Highlighters: Promarx Highlighters

Pros: Four different colors for only $1.25 is a fantastic deal. These vibrant highlighters last a long time without bleeding through your papers.

Cons: None noted. These highlighters check all the boxes.

Notebooks: Top Flight 70-Sheet Wide-Ruled Spiral

Pros: These lightweight notebooks are wide-ruled to give your child a little extra room to write.

Cons: The 70 sheet count is on the low end.

Folders: Jot Letter-Size Twin-Pocket Portfolios

Pros: No need to overthink this. These are classic two pocket folders with metal prongs in the center for hole-punched papers.

Cons: I got nothing. It’s a folder, you guys.

Wrapping Up

Parents know that when it comes to some school supplies, it can be quantity over quality. Writing utensils get lost or broken, notebooks get torn up, etc. Dollar Tree homeschool supplies are a great way to ensure you have ample materials when your days get crazy. Stay tuned for part two of this list, where I’ll go over some good general classroom supplies to keep on hand in your homeschool.

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