Learning Game: What Is My Number

Challenge your child’s critical thinking skills with this quick and easy guessing game. What Is My Number can be played from Kindergarten through Third Grade.

What you’ll need:

  • At least two people
  • Brains
  • A working knowledge of numerals

I apologize for the list of hard-to-obtain supplies and rare equipment.

How to Play What Is My Number

You’re probably rolling your eyes with how obvious this is, but maybe you didn’t think about the applications of this game before I mentioned it, huh?

You or another person thinks of a number within a range. This can be changed based on your child’s age:

  • Kindergarten: 0-10
  • Grade 1: 0-20
  • Grade 2: 0-50
  • Grade 3: 0-100

Your child must ask ‘Yes or No’ questions to narrow down what number you’re thinking of. A good benchmark is 10 questions, but you can increase the number allowed to make it easier or reduce the number to make it harder. The bigger the range and the fewer the questions, the more What Is My Number will challenge your child.

Wrapping Up

What Is My Number is a quick game that can be played any time to challenge your child, break the monotony, and kill some time. Your child will flex their gray matter trying to find the most efficient ways to get to the answer.

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