Learning Game: Sight Word Stomp

Get your kids moving while they practice their sight words for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade! If your child doesn’t want to study their sight words, maybe letting them take their frustration out with some big stomps will help them stay engaged. Sight Word Stomp can be played from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

What you’ll need:

  • Sight word flashcards (If you don’t have any, you can print your own flashcards)
  • A floor
  • Feet


  • Sight word flashcards
  • A table
  • Hands

There are two versions of this game. The Stomp version is much more active and can help your child burn off some energy. The Slap version is a bit calmer and can be played while sitting at a table.

Sight Word Stomp

You’re going to use alphabet flashcards or sight word flashcards appropriate for your child’s level. Kindergarteners may only be able to identify individual letters or a few sight words. Fifth graders are going to be able to do pretty much every sight word. (Yes, sight words can go up to the fifth grade level).

Scatter the flashcards you want to use across the floor. You can have your child look for words or letters they recognize, go to them, and stomp on them while saying the word/letter. Alternatively, you can call out words or letters that you want them to find and stomp.

Sight Word Slap

This is the same game as above, but less crazy. Like if you have a napping newborn and you’re trying not to wake her up with your homeschool reading lesson. Weirdly specific example, isn’t it? Scatter your chosen flashcards on a table and have your child slap or point to the words/letters they know, or the ones that you call out.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes you need a quick and easy game to break the monotony of reading lessons, and the Sight Word Stomp is just that. As an added bonus, your child can practice picking up all the cards after the game. Maybe that skill will miraculously transfer to the toys scattered around their room. One can hope.

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