Learning Game: ABC Nails

ABC Nails Featured Image

One of the hardest things I’ve encountered as a teacher is getting kids to practice their letters and spelling. Most of us remember spending hours and hours writing out uppercase and lowercase letters and hundreds of spelling tests when we were kids. The good news is we also remember how boring that was and don’t …

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Learning Game: Roll and Chat

Roll and Chat

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re interrogating your child when doing a lesson? Like when you’re doing a reading lesson and ask questions about the story, but you end up sounding like a detective from Law and Order. Meanwhile, your poor kid wants to go hide in a pile of stuffed animals. The …

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4th of July Crossword

4th of July

A fun, little crossword puzzle to test your kiddo’s knowledge about 4th of July! I hope you and your kids enjoy the crossword. For more learning games, homeschool tips, and learning concepts, subscribe to my email newsletter and have them delivered straight to your inbox. As an added bonus, get my free state-by-state guide to …

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Learning Game: Sight Word Stomp

Sight Word Stomp

Get your kids moving while they practice their sight words for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade! If your child doesn’t want to study their sight words, maybe letting them take their frustration out with some big stomps will help them stay engaged. Sight Word Stomp can be played from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. What you’ll need: …

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