Back to Homeschool


Use this activity to bond as a family as you resume your homeschool! See instructions below.



The Back to Homeschool activity is a great way to start your school year with a fun communication exercise. Print out the puzzle, cut up the pieces, and divide them among the family (Yes, that means parents too!).

Each of you will write down what you want from this school year. For example:

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • What would make the school year more fun?
  • What kind of field trips do they want?
  • Is there anything new they want to try?
  • What goals do they have?

After you finish writing, decorate the pieces however you all want. Then glue them all together on a blank sheet of paper. Now you have a fun little reminder of your family’s hopes and goals for the year to look back on when things get tough!

I hope you enjoy this little exercise, and that it helps bring your family a little closer together for the school year! Homeschool is a journey together as a family. You’re all in this together!

If you did enjoy this activity, I regularly post fun Learning Games to make your homeschool more engaging. Check it out!


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