South Dakota Homeschool Laws

Below is a summary of South Dakota Homeschool Laws to help you ensure your homeschool is compliant.

Note: The information below is not to be considered legal advice. I’m a homeschool mom with an interest in helping you, not a lawyer. I strongly recommend that you contact your state education department if you have questions specific to your circumstances.


South Dakota only has requirements to notify the state and teach required subjects.

Can I Teach?

There is no requirement for you to meet in order to teach.

Do I Have to Notify the State?

Yes. You must file an Alternative Instruction Notification either using the state’s online form or a paper form. The paper form can be submitted to the South Dakota Department of Education or directly to your local school district.

The notification must be submitted at least 30 days before starting your homeschool program or whenever you change school districts.

Required Subjects

South Dakota has a requirement to ensure you teach Language Arts and Mathematics, at minimum.

Documentation Recommendation

The South Dakota Department of Education recommends that you maintain attendance records and a gradebook, however it is not required.

How Many Days a Year do I Have to Teach?

South Dakota’s laws do not mandate a specific number of days or hours for homeschool.

As a reference point for you planning, public school require:

  • 438 hours for Kindergarten
  • 875 hours for Grades 1-5
  • 963 hours for Grades 6-12

While it’s not mandatory, I strongly recommend maintaining attendance records.

Compulsory Attendance Age

The compulsory attendance age is the age range in which your child must be attending school of some type.

In South Dakota, your child must attend school if they are 6 years old on or before September 1st until they are 18 years old or graduate high school.

Public School Sports

The South Dakota High School Activities Association allows homeschoolers to participate in its activities as long as they meet normal eligibility requirements.

Contact your local school for more information.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this summary of South Dakota Homeschool Laws gets you started on your homeschool journey with your family!

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